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Hand protection specialist Unigloves is helping protect workers who face direct electrical and arc flash risks in the workplace with a new range of specialist electrical safety gloves.

The Sibille Safe electrical safety range delivers flexible dielectric protection from 500 volts to 36,000 volts, featuring the GLB rubber gloves and GCA composite gloves with arc flash protection.

Able to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, the new Sibille Safe electrical safety range from Unigloves offers workers facing electrical and arc flash hazards highly flexible, comfortable and durable hand protection solutions that are fully tested and certified in line with EN60903.

The Sibille GCA arc flash safety composite gloves provide three-in-one protection, delivering dielectric, mechanical and arc flash protection from Class 00 (500V) through to Class 4 (36,000 V). Able to be used without leather over gloves, they are designed with a specialist elastomer high performance coating, the unique formulation of the rubber compound making the gloves extremely comfortable. They are also supplied with a free pair of cotton under gloves to improve comfort and hygiene and feature a two-colour safety system to ease visual inspection.

Joining them are the Sibille GLB electrical insulating rubber gloves, manufactured from non-conductive natural rubber combining high dielectric and high strength grip with electrical resistance from Class 00 (500v). through to Class 4 (36,000 V). Ergonomically shaped for superior comfort, the gloves are also lightly powdered to support ease of putting on and taking off. All gloves in the GLB range should be used with a pair of leather over gloves for mechanical protection.

Supporting the Sibille range is a comprehensive set of ancillary products, including leather over gloves, cotton under gloves, storage containers and safety checking equipment.

“Our new Sibille Safe glove range provides workers facing a wide range of electrical hazards with specialist, high-performance hand protection solutions, meeting the very highest standards to meet their specific needs,” said Karen Cresswell of Unigloves.

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