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Snickers Workwear and Solid Gear footwear lead on sustainability

Choose Snickers Workwear and Solid Gear footwear and take an important step in enhancing your company’s sustainability roadmap. You’ll be making a conscious contribution to the environment and saving valuable resources through your buying decisions.

Snickers Workwear leads on sustainability by using the highest quality, most hardwearing products that have as little environmental impact as possible. New garments are made from ‘preferred fibres’ to create hardwearing workwear with a long product lifecycle - the key to reducing waste. 

The same applies to Solid Gear safety footwear which is continually reducing its environmental footprint by using longer-lasting, higher-quality footwear components and taking responsibility for the whole lifecycle of the products – from development and usage to recycling and disposal.

The combined result is environmentally-friendly, ergonomically designed workwear and footwear that meets the physical demands that tradesmen and women face at work while reducing their carbon footprint too. 

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