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Technology-led employee safety specialist, Peoplesafe launched a new mass notification tool designed for instant communication with employees in a crisis in late 2021. This will help many key industries to be compliant with the new Protect Duty legislation (also known as Martyn’s Law) which is set to come into force in 2023. 

Peoplesafe Alert enables organisations to send and track critical safety messages to thousands of employees simultaneously, overriding phones set to silent or do not disturb and, if necessary, using geofencing capabilities to only communicate with those in a certain location.

Designed to be used in any crisis situation, the Peoplesafe Alert tool can be operated in real time and messages cannot be edited or forwarded to protect the credibility of the organisation and guarantee that the information is current, correct and constantly controlled. Administrators of the service also have the power to delete communications with outdated information to avoid any confusion which is imperative in a rapidly developing situation.

With its own dedicated platform, the app can sit on multiple devices and operating systems which guarantees that the priority messages will cut through any other conflicting or distracting messages at the time of an emergency.

Although UK-based, the Peoplesafe Alert service is available in all countries, meaning that employees can be targeted by country if required, for example if conflict breaks out. This also means that messages can reach employees no matter where they are in the world when a crisis unfolds. When sending a communication, administrators have the ability to tailor the message to the recipient’s native language.

The tool is fully compliant with ISO22301 and the encrypted service is delivered from ISO27001 certified data centres which guarantees that an organisation is meeting regulatory standards for business continuity.  

Emergency situations where Peoplesafe Alert would come into play include; terror attacks, extreme environmental events such as flooding or an earthquake, cyber-attacks, network security, control and access issues (such as the outage of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram) and outbreaks of infectious diseases.

This new product marks an expansion for Peoplesafe, which had previously focussed on lone worker safety and protection products and services. Peoplesafe CEO Naz Dossa said: “While the experience of steering employees through the Covid-19 pandemic was still fresh in everybody's mind, we needed to look ahead and guarantee that business continuity would not be compromised in the face of any future emergencies or legislative developments.  

“Technology was absolutely crucial in keeping employees informed, safe and (in the most part), able to deliver their work. However, given that the pandemic was an unprecedented situation, lessons were learnt. Peoplesafe Alert’s instant, precise mass notification abilities enable an organisation to communicate effectively with all, or some of their employees depending on the emergency. 

“As technology safety experts with many years of experience, we are in a prime position to continue to innovate and respond to the emerging and ever-changing needs of our customers so that they can always take care of their employees, respond effectively to any situation and maintain business continuity, using next generation communications.”

Peoplesafe Alert licenses can cost as little as £1 per user, per month, offering a scalable solution that can flex with the requirements of the organisation.

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