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Last year, leading personal safety technology provider, Peoplesafe, launched Nexus, the innovative software platform awarded first place in the Tomorrow’s Health and Safety Awards last month. Peoplesafe is the largest personal safety technology provider in the world and Nexus enables its customers to proactively manage personal safety risk across their business. Even the most complex organisations can now instantly access information and take any proactive action required to improve safety across an entire workforce. A single point of management and information, Nexus also provides insightful reports and actionable data to aid customers in understanding and measuring the risks that their people face. 

Most importantly, this pioneering new platform allows employees to put all the essential mitigating actions in place to drive improved personal safety and security.

Following its successful launch, the Nexus platform now features a User Management API that facilitates data entry and management from any API-enabled HR or workforce management system. Marie Curie, the UK’s leading end of life charity, are among the Peoplesafe customers now using this API integration to connect Nexus to their Workday software. This API includes the ability to manage user profiles, teams and groups automatically.

Leveraging the User Management API improves efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data entry, which also reduces administration errors. All joiners, leavers and team structures are updated automatically in Nexus to mirror internal systems, creating a scalable solution that can accommodate growth or organisational change without disruption.

Organisations benefiting from Peoplesafe technology no longer require a dedicated resource to manage their personal safety service. Nexus API removes the administrative burden and time spent staying on top of workforce changes and enables managers the time to be proactive towards the safety of their staff, instead of firefighting and reacting to situations.

 “The development of our award-winning Nexus platform to include API integration is just the beginning for the expansion of this software,” said Peoplesafe CEO and BSIA Chair of the Lone Worker Group, Naz Dossa. “The User Management API offers significant operational benefits for our customers allowing them to effortlessly manage data flow between their existing internal systems and Nexus. Seamless data exchange also reduces administrative overheads and enhances operational efficiencies.”

Nexus’ open API architecture provides future-proof flexibility and ensures continued integration with new tools and technologies and Peoplesafe is continuing to develop its API offering with future releases planned for workforce management and EHS platforms.

“We are constantly looking to evolve our technology and service offering to match the needs of our customers and enable them to work safer and smarter”, said Naz Dossa.

Built via a micro-services approach, Nexus is cloud native. The User Management API is based on JSON/REST over HTTPS standards and Peoplesafe offers access to an integration partner to connect customer systems with Nexus via API if the integration cannot be handled internally. To find out more, visit:


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