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iHASCO has developed an updated version of their Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment, which comes free with their IOSH approved DSE training course. Employees will be prompted to undertake the online assessment on completion of their training. The fully interactive assessment can provide advice and record any outstanding concerns with DSE setup so issues can be simply resolved by an employer, whilst keeping a historical record of any communication. This avoids the need for unnecessary paperwork and filing, as well as allowing employees who are working from an alternative location to the office to easily undergo an assessment.

Users will be able to complete the online assessment, in around 10 minutes, by selecting answers on important questions to ensure their safety when using DSE. It consists of eight topics including work equipment, chairs, screens and devices and the environment around their workstations. Full integration with a Learning Management System ensures employers are instantly notified of any issues raised by employees, whilst keeping employees updated with any responses. During this process employees are able to revisit the full training course or specific sections of the programme, to help reinforce their understanding of DSE setup to ensure they are working safely.  

Under The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, an employer is obliged to carry out DSE assessments to help protect DSE users from the health risks associated with its use: such as RSI, headaches, eyestrain, back problems and other musculoskeletal issues. According to the HSE there were 6.9m working days lost due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2018/19. 

This interactive assessment allows organisations to work towards DSE compliance with ease and help prevent absenteeism from these types of workplace injury.

Nathan Pitman, Director at iHASCO, said: “The interactive assessment has been developed to provide a simple and quick solution to the necessary DSE assessments that employers must carry out. 

“It also allows employees to confidently raise any issues and avoid unnecessary injury and fatigue from improper setup. We would highly recommend any returning employees to the office as a result of COVID-19 to refresh their DSE training and complete the interactive assessment. This proactive approach will help ensure they use their equipment correctly and remain healthy and productive.”

iHASCO’s DSE training course and interactive assessment can be completed in just 45 minutes. It is suitable for new starters and as refresher training for existing employees. DSE assessments should be carried out at least every two years or sooner if there is a change in circumstances, such as the use of new equipment or a change of workstation or location (including remote working). This also applies to returning employees after a period of absence.

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