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GOJO's range of specialist hand cleaners

Specialist hand cleaners for tough soils can help heavy industries achieve a healthier germ season

For the tough soils experienced by workers in heavy industries, such as engineering, construction sites, garages, workshops, and factories, specialist hand cleaners are required to effectively eliminate germs and clean hands, without damaging the skin. This particularly important during the colder months, which often see an increase in viral illnesses like the common cold, influenza, and norovirus, and this winter, COVID-19 is also threatening workers in every sector. 

Dermatologically tested and formulated with natural scrubbing agents, GOJO‘s range of specialist hand cleaners remove dirt and grime clean hands easily and effectively. Thanks to its apricot stone and corn seed scrubbers, together with mild surfactants, GOJO Natural Hand Cleaner removes medium-duty soils, such as dirt, grease, oil, carbon black, oil-based paint and tar. For heavy-duty soils, including caulk, graphite, adhesive, paint, sealant, and tar, GOJO Olive Hand Cleaner does the job with its olive-stone scrubber action. GOJO SuproMax Hand Cleaner, formulated with walnut scrubbers, complements the range by removing sticky soils and adhesive. 

Highly contagious seasonal viruses are not only unpleasant for the affected individual, but can sweep through the workforce, impact on productivity, and cause absenteeism levels to rise. With COVID-19 also in general circulation this winter, it is clear that businesses must implement good hand hygiene systems to minimise the risk of infection.

Chris Wakefield, Vice President, European Marketing & Product Development, GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd, said: “The simple act of hand hygiene can make a huge difference to health – and therefore business productivity. It is important to remember that whilst a great deal of people are still working from home, those employed in heavy trades are unable to do so, which makes offering opportunities for effective hand washing even more critical.

“For the types of tough soils experienced by these workers, regular soap and water or sanitising gel doesn’t cut it, so it is key that businesses choose specialist hand cleaners that will remove dirt and grime, but are also kind to skin. After all, a healthier workforce will offer greater productivity, meaning fewer days are lost to sickness.”


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