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Sabio Group Launches Wellbeing Companion Solution

Sabio Group has launched a new and innovative Wellbeing Companion solution, which is a key part of its newly created Wellbeing Programme. 

The digital customer experience (CX) transformation specialist’s Wellbeing Programme is designed to illuminate, implement, and monitor wellbeing strategies within organisations.

Its newly launched Wellbeing Companion will play a central role in the programme, taking advantage of ongoing, anonymised data to support advisers and managers as part of a systematic approach to an organisation’s wellbeing strategy. 

The Companion is part of a three-pronged wellbeing service which includes Consultancy and Success Management. The trio forms a holistic, tailored and data-led wellbeing programme that places employee welfare at the forefront of organisational culture.

Nigel Winship, Principal Specialist Architect at Sabio, said: “The launch of the Wellbeing Companion as part of our complete Wellbeing Programme represents a significant step in our mission to integrate wellbeing into the very fabric of a business’ contact centre operations. 

“The Programme will empower organisations to take proactive steps towards the welfare of their staff and we’re excited to be playing such an active part in transforming future wellbeing journeys.”

Sabio’s Wellbeing Consultancy service is part one of the Programme. It shines a spotlight on an organisation’s wellbeing strategy, working environment and employee experience through an eight-to-twelve-week discovery process culminating in a detailed report of specific, actionable insights.

The Wellbeing Companion is then introduced as part two to empower the organisation to engage with its contact centre advisors. The Companion gathers critical, anonymised information on how the working environment is impacting the adviser, which can then be analysed based on Sabio’s validated and science-based psycho-social model.

Ongoing Success Management completes the three-part Programme, with Sabio supporting an organisation’s Wellbeing journey through a series of training engagements and realistic action plans.

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