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Oracle Asbestos has been given two prestigious awards by the financial analytics and reporting giant Plimsoll Publishing. 

Oracle has been named as the No.1 Trading Partner in the UK for the asbestos services sector and is the only company within this sector to receive the ‘Outstanding Company’ award for 2020.

The Plimsoll Outstanding Company Awards are presented to a select number of companies, across a range of industry sectors, who have improved their overall financial performance. This is measured on overall performance as well as solid sales growth, something Oracle Asbestos has shown on a year-on-year basis.

Best trading partners are companies that are winning in both sales and financial strength.

With both their turnover and profit having increased consistently over the last five years, Oracle featured as one of the best performing companies in ten categories. Oracle’s 2020 figures confirmed a record year in terms of sales going against a tough national financial backdrop.

Plimsoll are widely regarded as industry leaders in the company financial analysis sector, providing analyses of business performance that accounts alone struggle to give. Their results provide a comprehensive guide for business partners looking for high potential rising stars in their chosen industry.

Oracle’s CEO Jess Scott said: “I would like to thank Plimsoll Publishing for giving us this award. It’s been a tough year in all industries, and it makes me proud and thankful to have such a great team whose performance and determination have given us our best year to date even when the odds have been stacked against us. 

The award and ranking marks yet another successful year for Oracle, who began in 2008. Since then, the company has seen rapid growth, with a growing and diverse asbestos service package for their customers which includes asbestos consultancy, surveying, removal and training. They now employ 45 team members.

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