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Credentially, a London-based technology firm, says it is ready to give free help to healthcare organisations so that they can rapidly sign-up, verify and on-board healthcare workers, as well as ensuring they are aware of any essential clinical policies, such as Covid-19 management.

Credentially Founder and ex-A&E doctor Kit Latham said: "We want to help the Government to rapidly build and mobilise large groups of compliant health and care workers.

"Our team are offering their assistance and technology for free for any organsiation that needs to grow staff or volunteer numbers to fight COVID-19. Credentially's software reduces the time and resource required to compliantly onboard new staff by up to 90%, whilst ensuring consistency and patient safety. It can be set-up in less than 48 hours, and the team are setting up pilots with other national organisations like NHS Professionals."

The news comes after Credentially CEO and former A&E doctor Kit Latham warned late last week that if the Government's plan to call up a ‘Dad's Army’ of retired doctors to help the NHS cope with a potential Covid-19 crisis in the UK is to be successful then the NHS's recruitment process need drastically upgrading.

He continued: "NHS HR systems and processes will make it much harder to take on the rapid intake of new staff if the Covid-19 pandemic increases at the rate predicted. The Government must modernise the requirements and invest in 21st Century technology if retired doctors are to come back to work quickly and help with any crisis."

Credentially automates the sign-up, verification and on-boarding of health workers, whilst ensuring safety, consistency and ease of ongoing management.

The software allows a small number of management staff to manage thousands of employee sign-ups in much less time and with manual work reduced by up to 90%, based on surveys of our current users. It is also secure and GDPR and hosted on Amazon AWS on the NHS G-Cloud 11 framework

Kit added: "Rapidly signing-up, checking and verifying new healthcare workers, as well as ensuring they have all reviewed necessary policies, COVID-19 specific training and induction must be completed quickly but consumes scarce NHS resources.

"These tasks must be automated for Health and Care workers (as well as non-clinical staff), at scale, and be full-customisable, enabling the rapid sign-up, verification and on-boarding of personnel with minimal administration. We're here and waiting to help with this crisis."

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