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MSL Property Care Services: Fire Safety Compliance

MSL Property Care Services explores the value of facilities management within a warehouse and the importance of ensuring fire safety compliance is met.

What is Facilities Management?

Facilities management within a warehouse comprises of all aspects of maintenance to ensure safety, efficiency and comfort. Many businesses choose to employ expert facilities management companies such as MSL Property Care Services to ensure each part of the building is taken care of and that aspects such as heating, gas, electric and water systems are all compliant within the law. A facilities management company not only protects the building and ensures repairs take place but can also help to ensure the safety of any persons on site. 

Responsibility and Legislation

In accordance with the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform (2005), each non-domestic facility should have an appointed responsible person to undertake fire precautions on the premises. Whilst the reference may seem broad, the ‘responsible person’ should oversee all things fire-safety related, whether that be carrying out risk assessments, ensuring fire escape routes are clearly marked, or employing experts to check equipment and compliance. 

The legislation set out may seem complex, but the laws are in place to ensure safety needs are met, therefore it is vital to follow them. Non-compliance with legislation can not only leave your property at major risk of a fire and harm the wellbeing of people within the building, it can also lead to fines or even prison sentences. 

Experts in facilities management and fire safety can help ensure that your business remains compliant and within the law by regularly undertaking assessments and repairing any issues as they arise. 


Within the warehouse there should be fire safety equipment installed throughout. This includes things such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, emergency lights and fire doors. There should be enough equipment available for the space and it should be inspected regularly as part of a maintenance compliance schedule. 

Should any equipment have fault or damage, it should be reported immediately and fixed as soon as possible. 

Planning Ahead

If a fire should start in a warehouse, the only way to ensure safety of staff and visitors alike is to have a well-rehearsed evacuation plan. This plan should be known to every employee and each person should be aware of all the available routes out of the building in order to leave safely, along with having knowledge of how to use fire safety equipment and where it is stored. Carrying out regular fire drills can help ensure your staff are well prepared should the worst happen. 

In addition to making sure that your staff are well rehearsed in evacuation procedures, planning ahead should also involve ensuring your equipment and building are compliant within fire safety laws. Employing a planned maintenance schedule alongside a compliance schedule will ensure that all pieces of equipment are in working order and that compliance certifications don’t run out, along with verifying the working order of both emergency lighting and fire doors. 

Being Reactive

Reactive maintenance can be a hugely important strategy to have in place, especially for a busy warehouse where accidents and damage to the building can happen. Employing a reactive maintenance team can ensure they are on hand to react quickly should repairs or maintenance need to take place. 

Reactive teams can also be hugely beneficial if a fire has occurred in a property, restoring, and cleaning it to ensure it’s safe and ready to reopen. 

There are many different aspects to consider when ensuring the safety of a warehouse, and fire compliance is just one of these. Employing professional teams will ensure that the warehouse runs smoothly, and that fire risk is low.


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