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As millions of employees begin returning to work without mandatory social distancing and mask wearing, maintaining a safe ‘new normal’ is at the front of everyone’s minds. While no longer legally required, the Government has recommended continuing to limit contact numbers, proximity and duration to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. To support those returning at work, Casella, expert manufacturer of smart monitoring technology, is offering a 20% discount on its smart wearable Orbi-Trace tag, designed to simplify social distancing and keep employees safe.

The body-worn Orbi-Trace smart tag is simple to operate, with a stop/start input and single LED power alert. It gives the wearer fully configurable vibration and audible alerts whenever a safe distance is breached, and the safe distance can also be configured according to local guidance. The sophisticated Ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity is accurate in detecting distances down to 10cm accuracy – making it 20x more accurate than Bluetooth. The connectivity will not cause interference with WIFI or other RF technologies and Orbi-Trace can operate indoors and out, with a battery life of up to seven days.

When combined with the wall-mounted anchor unit and proprietary, free to use Infection Insights software, the Orbi-Trace can be used to generate connection graphs and risk and contact assessments, should an employee test positive for COVID-19. Adding additional anchor units to the system expands this to full real-time contract tracking, giving users access to heat-maps of areas where social-distancing may be consistently challenging and a full contract tracing history, making enforcing controls much more straightforward. For those mediating employee privacy concerns, the Orbi-Trace system is also fully GDPR compliant.

The Orbi-Trace smart tag can also be adapted with additional infrastructure to form real-time location systems (RTLS) and support the key goals of the lean manufacturing process; improving efficiency, reducing waste and increasing productivity. RTLS can track the indoor location of people and equipment in real time, meaning people can be excluded from certain zones, which can be a huge benefit for safety and security. In addition, the tags can be used to keep people away from hazards such as moving vehicles, which can reduce risk within a workplace.

RTLS can enhance an organisation’s top-down understanding of everything happening in its manufacturing outfit, for example, by allowing the most time-consuming tasks for employees to be identified, or by recognising poorly optimised manufacturing floor layouts that can be adapted to make a lean operation even more efficient.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone on a business and personal level. But where there are challenges, there are inevitable solutions,” said Tim Turney, Casella Global Marketing Manager. “Businesses have proved their resilience and adaptability in getting staff safely back to work through the pandemic, and now as those businesses look towards the future with a large-scale return to work, we are here to support them.”

For more information about the Orbi-Trace smart tag and Casella’s range of market leading personal monitoring equipment, visit 

Terms and conditions:

20% off any Orbi-Trace product including individual tags and full kits for orders placed on or before December 17th 2021. No limitation to the number of units per customer.


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